viernes, 4 de febrero de 2011


Marrón chocolate, bella y pesada, es una de las joyas de las vajillas finlandesas.
Este juego gigante que cuenta con todo lo que alguien pueda imaginar para la mesa, realmente fue creado como piezas de servicio para las aerolíneas SAS.

ous pottery in Finland. This pottery primarily manufactures tea and dinnerware made from china and porcelain. There is certain sophistication about Arabia of Finland's products, which makes them high end products.

The company employs designers to create unique patterns and shapes so that the company's products look exceptionally striking amongst all similar products in the market. Arabia of Finland is often referred to as Arabia Finland. The company has been around since 1873. Therefore, it has a rich heritage and experience in this field.

Designer Ulla Procop� designed the Ruska series. It is a comprehensive series of Arabia Finland Ruska dinnerware including round and rectangular pizza plates or platters, dinner plates of different diameters, salad plates, bread and butter plates, covers for these bread and butter plates, dessert plates, soup bowls with rims, cereal bowls, oatmeal bowls, oval dishes, rectangular baking dishes, casseroles with lids, soup tureens, sugar bowls, covered bowls, serving and baking bowls of different sizes, gravy boats, covered pitchers, pitchers without covers, smaller pitchers, coffee pots, tea pots, mugs and saucers for drinking soups and hot beverages, cutting boards, hot plates, large cups with saucers, and smaller cups with saucers. Though this series was introduced before 1970s, it is still very much in vogue in Scandinavian countries.

These crockery pieces can be used to serve, bake, heat, braise, and store food. Matching candleholders, trays, egg cups, salt shakers, covered mustard containers, oval bowls for butter, vases, and flower pots were also introduced by the company. Each of these pieces has a number, and orders for specific crockery piece can be placed quoting the Ruska serial number. This number is especially useful for replacing any of the broken, cracked, or chipped crockery items from Arabia Finland. Ruska is essentially dark colored crockery. Therefore, colors like brown, dark brown, and burgundy were common. From 1999, Arabia Finland stopped producing crockery from this line, because of which collectors have developed interest in this series.

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