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DS-80 - de Sede Design-Team

Design history:

Designer: De Sede (Switzerland)
Design year: 1960's
Maker: de Sede, Switzerland

DS-80 - De Sede Designteam - De Sede (1)
Esta pieza increíble de origen Suizo, traído por Capuy a Venezuela es ideal para los que necesitan un lugar auxiliar para invitados que se quedan a dormir, o para colocarlo en un salón y poder usarlo para leer en posición horizontal.
También se ve espectacular en el salón principal.
Lo tenemos en Cuero negro, o marrón tabaco, con la estructura en madera de teca encerada, en madera teñida de color negro. También tiene los tres cojines que van en el tope que se pueden alinear como un respaldo, o colocar dos como apoya brazos.

Swiss furniture manufacturer, specialized in leather upholstery. From the company's website: de Sede has been creating premium-quality leather furniture for an international market since 1965. The original skilled craftsman's workshop has grown to become a company with over 1000 trading partners in more than 100 countries around the globe. A development that has only been possible thanks to the high standard of skilled craftsmanship that has been consistently maintained and the unmistakeable design of de Sede products. . It all began with a small saddler?s workshop in Swiss Klingnau, close to the German border near Waldshut. In 1965, this family-run business became a joint-stock company thus giving birth to de Sede AG. The sophisticated designs of its leather furniture, all reflecting top-quality Swiss workmanship, swiftly gained the brand an international reputation. Additional manufacturing facilities were opened and the international distribution network developed still further. The rapidly expanding company called for new corporate structures. With its sale in 1984 to the concrete manufacturing company of PCW, the company?s orientation was corrected and a new management put in place. Information technology and controlling were expanded and from 1988 production was again concentrated in one location in Klingnau. New, unmistakeable products were created. The de Sede product range is constantly being extended with work by renowned designers and the collection is nowadays hallmarked by the concept of multifunctional seating. Every year, de Sede presents its new models at the international furniture shows in Cologne and Milan; and, since 2006, Orgatec in Cologne has provided an ideal platform for developing the company's contract business. TEXTS BY DECOPEDIA.

DS-80 Design: de Sede Design-Team [

This daybed is a logical and faithful re-design of the celebrated de Sede classic and has lost none of its fascination. Its extravagant patchwork covering together with back cushioning that can be positioned as required caused a sensation more than 30 years ago. The contrasts deliberately chosen between the individual pieces of leather used in the patchwork covering are particularly effective in our Naturale category of leather and make a significant contribution to the charm of this classic model. The model has been only slightly altered to fit the spirit of the new collection. The DS-80 is available as both a recliner and small lounge Sede at Decopedia