jueves, 17 de noviembre de 2011


Tenemos dos bellas piezas para compartir con ustedes, una niña vaciada en negro, y una madre con su hijo (a) igualmente vaciada en color marrón, aunque parece madera, no lo es.
Alexander backer.

Alexander Backer

Alexander Backer Co. (ABCO) manufactures and sells art items and collectibles such as figurines, dolls, carvings, and sculpture. This company is based in New York and their products are identifiable by means of the ABCO sticker found on them. These products also have the ABCO name distinctly present on them. Alexander Backer Co. sells online a product range that includes plaques, busts, statue, vase, bowls, toothpick holders, and piggy banks. He uses material like chalk, metal, porcelain, and ceramic for his works. These products are sleek-looking gift items that range from light miniature pieces to large and heavy collectibles such as a massive pair of oriental heads (male and female) that have a huge opening in their heads and brown felt on the bottom. The main feature of this pair of oriental busts is the gold-painted crown featured on the lady's head. Most of the items marketed by ABCO are of human and animal forms such as important-looking ladies, queens, dogs, and pigs. Items made by Alexander Backer are excellent gift items for those who appreciate art and sculpture. They are generally handmade and well-crafted products, whose production is done with considerable amount of effort and care. These products are available in different colors and shades, which only enhance their beauty. ABCO ensures that the packaging for these items protect them adequately at the time of delivery. There is an ever-increasing demand for these vintage