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Congo Ice Bucket/ Warmer By Jens Quisgaard for DANSK

This piece was designed by Quistgaard in 1955 and this is the Larger ice bucket in this series and measures about 19.25" in Height. 

Why We Love It:

What's not to love about anything Jens Quistgaard designed for DANSK?! DANSK/Quistgaard pieces are considered to be the epitome of Mid Century design. 

This pieces is considered to be one of the most iconic of the Quistgaard for DANSK pieces. We love love everything about this piece from the waaay too big sizing, to the handcrafted slatted tapering of the teak and plastic orange liner. These pieces are very unique and have a wonderful history. The Congo line was designed as a modern homage to vikings and it's production apparently saved a danish boat factory from going out of business. I have also featured an ad in my images that I found on ebay which states that only 8 years after going into production, the ice bucket had been purchased by 23 museums around the world for their permanent collections. 

So, prep your bar, bookshelf, or pedestal for this piece to be in your permanent collection! 

Please keep in mind that this is a vintage item and therefore has some minor wear. We try our best to note any very noticeable defects or issues. - This piece features the original finish and does have some normal wear in tear for any including some minor scratching to the finish and a chip out of the bottom. The handle glue is loose too and the handle will wiggle out of its slot on that side a bit if coaxed. 
Shipping: The item will ship via usps. We will refund shipping costs overages of $2 or more when they occur. We are glad to ship anywhere in the world. Please write for a quote.

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