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Danish Crystal Decanter in Sapphire by HolmegaardScandinavian crystal decanter by HolmegaardDanish-crystal-decanter by HolmegaardSwedish modern decor bar crystal
vintage-sapphire-crystal decanter by Jacob Bang HolmegaardMid century decor Danish crystal

  • Beautiful German inspired form in high quality crystal with just a hint of sapphire blue.  The sapphire twinkles and glitters according to the thickness of the glass and the current lighting.  Rare color projects wealth and elegance.
  • Designed by the infamous Jacob Bang for Holmegaard, Denmark in 1928.  Circa 1930s-1940s. This color, usually seen on Strombergshyttan/Orrefors (Sweden) forms, was popular during the Swedish Modern decor craze of the mid-20th Century. 
  • The 'Kutrolf' style evolved from the 16th-17th century German design of twisted multi-tubed drinking vessels and bottles meant to 'trick' the user.  Kutrolf bottles were sometimes marked "skill required' to use.  At the beginning of the 20th Century, the modern form became less 'tricky'.  The twists were illiminated. You do not need skill to pour from this decanter.  In fact, the tubes on today's version of the Kutrolf help ariate, give a good hand-grip, and provide a smoother flow.  The 'gurgle' sound remains and has been dubbed 'Cluck Cluck' or 'Kluk Kluk' by mid-century modern makers.
  • This decanter has an old 'isenkraemmer imerco' sticker on the center of the base.  This is a Dansk label, a prolific distributor of Scandinavian decor since the early 20th Century.
  • Quality crystal was hand-blown and hand-tooled to form.  Pontil mark is an acid polished half-moon.  Stopper and bottle necks are ground to fit.  Exceptionally clean.  Immaculate. No signs of use or water remnants.  Some bottom-wear on base caused by years of surface contact and is expected. Measures 10" tall to top of stopper, widest point is 4½", base circumference is 15".  Weighs 2 lbs. Great for the bar that has everything!

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