viernes, 15 de marzo de 2013


Before Lindstrand was a star for Kosta, he was a star for Orrefors.  This is one of his modernist designs for Orrefors, a heavy ,signed and stickered rectangular bowl that looks as if it was carved out of ice with an adze.  It's similar to the Venini "battuto" (beaten) style.  It has then been treated with acid to give it even more of a frosted look.

Lindstrand left Orrefors in 1940 for a variety of reasons, including an offer of work in America.  He was bound by a formal agreement that he would not work in glass for the next ten years. The outbreak of the Second World War stopped him leaving Sweden so he worked in the design of ceramics as artistic director of Uppsala Ekeby Keramik until 1950.  At the end of his enforced 10 year break there was a fierce bidding war for his services.  Lindstrand went back to glass design at Kosta in 1950 and led a dramatic revival of Kosta's fortunes.  He reused this carved ice technique, as I'll show in a later listing. 
The last picture shows this Orrefors bowl with a Kosta piece, also designed by Lindstrand.
ar to the base, wear on the sticker, a couple of less than 0.5mm unintended bubbles

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